Window Clean

Window cleaning services for high and low rise buildings, both commercial and residential. We are able to get to those inaccessible windows and balustrades with a mop & squeegee technique, to ensure that the building is clean from all angles. Regardless of the size of your building, we are able to provide an ongoing solution for you.

We provide window, facade and solar panel cleaning to meet the needs requested. For any building, no matter the size, we have the right tools and experience to ensure we always provide a quality finish. Clean windows equal a more welcoming look for your home or business. From houses to office buildings, we clean all sorts of windows. Get the gorgeous look your home or business deserves. You receive guaranteed excellence of the end result, based on years of accumulated experience and on the use of specialised tools and equipment. Our Window Cleaning team boasts proven expertise in servicing residential and business properties alike. We employ widely tested window cleaning techniques that are appropriate for the specificity of each task.

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