Water Stain

The best way to remove rust stains in swimming pools is by using our rust stain treatment kit. Most rust stains in swimming pools are caused from metal objects that have fallen into the pool such as hair pins, nails, toys or other metal items. When these items are immersed in salt water, they begin to rust and stain the pool surface within a few days. We remove these types of rust stains every day without draining the pool.

Rust fragments can also settle in a pool when building work, grinding or cutting of metals is done near the pool. These fragments will not be noticeable at first but will begin to rust a few days later and appear like small rust spots. Small rust spots can also be introduced to the pool from cheap pool salt containing small metal fragments.

We remove rust stains from every type of pool finish. As the images show, we can remove stains from swimming pool surfaces without draining the pool water, blasting or acid washing. Remember, our treatment is a fraction of the cost of an acid wash and a lot faster and a lot less hassle!

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