Stainless Steel Restoration

Finding your lift doors tea-staining and hard to clean? We have the solution. Albury Shine can restore the Stainless Steel using our specially formulated products which can remove damage caused by the harsh coastal conditions and then protect with our commercial strength nano coating for Stainless Steel.

Our commercial strength nano coating for Stainless Steel is a non-stick protective coating that seals the surface, making cleaning and maintenance easier. our commercial strength nano coating is completely invisible and does not change or alter the appearance of the surface. our commercial strength nano coating provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, reducing both corrosion and tea staining that often forms in coastal environments. Many acidic cleaners that are used to treat the corrosion that develops on stainless steel can accelerate and increase the return rate. our commercial strength nano coating will eliminate the need to use those cleaners, and will dramatically slow the corrosion process.

We are fully trained and provide specialist repairs to fix surfaces such as kitchen marble, stone and laminate bench tops, wall and floor tiles, timber, wood laminate, veneer engineered and vinyl flooring, furniture, sanitary ceramics.

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