Scratched Glass Repair

Scratchless utilises the best available technology to remove scratches, etched graffiti and hard water stains in glass. Glass can now be restored quickly and affordably without damaging frames and surrounds.

Our system is fully mobile and self contained allowing easy access on and around your site. All we need is a power outlet. Scratches can be removed both internally and externally on new or existing commercial sites, shop fronts and residential premises.

Glass replacement is expensive and can result in additional expenses and downtime that could double the cost of the replacement glass itself. Typically we will save you around 70% of the cost of replacing the glass. We do not inject a resin into the glass like some windscreen repair companies and we can not fix cracks or chips in glass. For light scratches, mirrored surfaces or delicate areas we use a specialised glass polish system at high speed. For harsh scratches, grinder spark marks or graffiti we use a cut back and then polish style method.

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